5 Wedding Must Haves

On Today's Top 5 List, I cover my must haves that I think should be included in every wedding!

Since I am Hawai'i based, in this post you'll often see the name Aloha Artisans, they specialize in event decor and event rentals! Aloha Artisans literally have everything you could even imagine hence why they occur on my list often. Tawni, one of the owners I have had the pleasure of working with and she is just the sweetest soul! When you work with this company you are supporting a local, small business in Hawai'i. Her husband actually builds the majority of their inventory - I highly encourage you check them out!



This is hands down a MUST HAVE at your wedding. It's one of my favorites from an amazing Hawai'i Vendor, Aloha Artisans, (I've linked it here, you're welcome!) it is this TO DIE FOR light curtain refer to photo for the "TO DIE FOR" effect. I mean how could you not want to have your first dance right in front of these beautiful lights. The effect it creates is just so magical, watching these two have their first dance in front of this light curtain during sunset was truly something straight out of a fairy tale! Just picture yourself dancing the night away under a Hawaiian Sunset with the twinkle lights behind you...go ahead and book your tickets now!


This may just be the boho lover in

me but holy cow does a macrame backdrop not your frickin' heart on fire?!?! I love all the macrame, it is just so dreamy! I mean just imagine saying "I Do" in the center of this. Talk about some incredible photos!! Even if you don't want to use it as the main arch it could also be an awesome photo backdrop for your guests! Macrame can come in all different styles so it is easy to find something that suits your needs. If you have patience and a lot of time, you could even DIY it yourself! There are tons of videos on youtube on how to make your own. Here is one of my favorites!

P.S. It takes A LOT more yarn than you would think!


Talk about the perfect dinner under this beautiful cabana. I mean, did you even notice the hanging lights!? This is another favorite set up of mine from Aloha Artisans, again I'll link it here for you - you'll thank me! These cabana's create the perfect intimate setting - it could be used for a sweetheart table, the bridal party table or even the entire guest list if your event is more intimate! Also - let's note the beautiful farm table + bamboo chairs + the love seat for the couple! This entire set up was styled and sourced by Aloha Artisans! I cannot recommend them enough, seriously just go check out their site - there is something for everyone!


Signage can often be overlooked but I think it's important not only to help direct your guests on when and where they need to be at specific times but it's also an easy way to add more beautiful decor to an empty space. I love these super minimal yet impactful signs! I'm a DIY girl so of course I'm going to say you can easily DIY this with some copper pipes from Lowe's or if you're looking for a cheaper option you could even get PVC and then spray paint it either black or gold to finish the look. Etsy is often a great resource to get custom signs but again, another DIY project if you're into that kind of thing!


If you're thinking of having a Hawaii wedding just know your guests are going to be taking pictures the entire time so why not give them a beautiful backdrop to take their photos in front of!? The options here are endless - you can truly customize this to exactly what you want. I love this simple yet elegant Polaroid backdrop for photos! Again, I'll be linking Aloha Artisans backdrop options as they have so many to choose from. A couple of my favorites include their Monstera Wall and the Boxwood - I'm just a huge fan of greenery.

I love love love seeing what you guys create for your wedding and how it all comes together! It is so cool to see everyone add their unique twist to these wedding must haves.