Top 5 Reasons to Elope

If I could go back in time I would have Eloped.

BUT I was afraid of "what people would say" if I chose that route.

As a little girl, I always dreamed of a traditional wedding so to even think about a destination elopement just seemed so far fetched.

But after opting for a destination wedding I still think about how if I could go back I would have Eloped and I'm going to tell you why!


Yes - that's right. Elopements can be a heck of a lot cheaper than a traditional wedding. Now, I did plan my destination wedding under 15k (let me know if you'd like to know more about this)

but this is even FAR below what most people spend on their weddings.

The average cost for a wedding today is over 30k. That's enough for a downpayment on a home! Also, let's take note that to provide food + drink for about 200 guests would cost approximately 10k. That's 1/3 of your budget just to provide food and beverage for your party! 😳

To some people this may be no problem and that's totally fine. It's definitely just personal preference. Traditional weddings can be the most beautiful events, kind of like a huge party to celebrate your love BUT they are not for everyone!


Now Elopement's DO NOT just have to be the two of you. It could be you two and your parents, you two and your closest friends or you two and your dog, there really are no rules!

I just suggest having people who make you feel comfortable and loved. Having a more a smaller group makes it easier to have an intimate moment with you and your love in an intimate setting than it is to have that true connection in front of 100+ guests.

One big thing for me is I didn't want to have a bunch of fake people at my wedding.

I didn't want people there who truly could care less about my husband and I. You know, those people who you'll never speak to again after your big day or those people who you haven't even seen let alone spoken to since you were a kid.


When thinking of Eloping, you don't have to think about anybody else's opinion but you and your loves.

Since you will be saving so much money by not throwing a huge party, you get to decide to spend your money on what truly matters to you.

Maybe that means buying the gown of your dreams, traveling to a beautiful destination and having an extended honeymoon, or hiring that photographer that you just obsess over!

Trying to plan a dream wedding under $10k can be nearly impossible but for $10k you could have a dream elopement + an epic honeymoon.


If you're anything like me you realize that there is no better location than the great outdoors. I don't think any human made backdrop can ever compare to nature's scenery, let alone Hawaii's scenery.

Also - with elopements, you're not confined to one space like you are with a traditional wedding. There are no rules as to where you can and cannot be in the great outdoors. You can literally hike to a waterfall, you can hike to the top of the mountain. The options are seriously endless and if the location is epic you know photos will be epic.

In my full day elopements, we often get to shoot at a variety of locations including the beach, the mountain tops and even a waterfall!


I think this one is a given because there are fewer people involved. When there are fewer people involved, there are fewer people to coordinate with and fewer vendors to pay!

Having an elopement means you don't have to think about every little detail that you think your guests may or may not even notice when it's just the two of you and maybe a few others.

I always recommend my couples get the legal stuff taken care of prior to the elopement and make the elopement just ceremonial as this helps to relieve some of the stress as not all ministers are willing to adventure into the same places you are during your elopement.

We will still do all the formal photos like getting ready, first looks, reading of vows and exchange of rings but all the legal stuff will be taken care of prior to the big day so there is no added stress!

There is far less planning when it comes to an elopement and it really boils down to what you and your love want to do on your big day.

Oftentimes, it's just a photographer you have to coordinate with and I am completely hands on in helping you coordinate a day that is completely personalized for you.

However, some of my couples choose to add on other vendors - for example some choose to have a celebratory picnic at the end of day during sunset and some choose to have a beautiful backdrop during their ceremony.

In these cases, I will put you in touch with an amazing vendors if you're interested!

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