Hawaii Hiking Elopement

I get asked about my hiking elopements all the time so I figured it would just be easier if I simply addressed the most frequently asked questions here.

What is a hiking elopement?

  • A hiking elopement is more for your adventurous couple, it's for the carefree couple who doesn't mind getting a little dirty on a hike to an epic location for their big day. The best part is that unlike the beaches there are typically very few people on the hikes meaning you get an intimate ceremony where you can just soak up the presence of one another. Also - watching the sunrise or the sunset from the top of a mountain is by far the best view on the island.

Are these only for experienced hikers?

  • No! The beauty of Hawaii hikes is that there are so many to choose from. There are hikes that range from 1 mile up to 13 miles so the possibilities are endless. There are definitely some hikes that are more difficult than others but I have done 80% of the hikes on Oahu so I can guide you to which one is best suited for your desires.

How long do the hikes typically take?

  • This just depends on what hike you select. There are hikes that only take 20 minutes to get to an epic view while others can take up to 5 hours. It truly all depends on what you feel comfortable with. I can recommend hikes based on your skill level and view desires. Some hikes have incredible rainforest scenery while others have spectacular city view. There are even some hikes where you get a mix of both and a panoramic view of the entire island at the top.

How difficult are the hikes?

  • Again, this all depends on which hike you choose. There are so many hikes to choose from that I am certain, there is one that will fit your needs. Some hikes I have done have definitely made me question my own sanity but there has never been a hike that has been too difficult to complete.

I'm scared of heights, are there any options that don't involve steep ridges?

  • Of course! There are hikes that literally suit every need. There are hikes that we can drive most of with minimal hiking. There are hikes that are paved the entire way to the top!

The best thing about Hawaii is that there truly is something for everyone. There's hikes that have epic views that I've taken my parents on so nothing is ever out of reach! Reach out to me - I'd love to help you plan your dream elopement in the Hawaiian Islands!

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